How it works – and how we help you deal with the Bailiffs


1. We Listen to You

If you’ve received a letter, notice of enforcement or visit from a Bailiff/ Enforcement Agent all is not lost. There are ways to stop them taking further action against you. Unfortunately time is not on your side, it’s important that you act quickly. The only permanent way of getting rid of bailiffs is by getting the right advice and dealing with the debt you owe.



2. We Provide Advice

Are Bailiffs chasing you for Council Tax or Parking Tickets? At we can help you review the best options to deal with a variety of debts. Having Bailiffs or Enforcement Agents send letters or turn up at your home can be very daunting. It’s important for you to know you’re not on your own; we help thousands of people in your situation every month. We can help you regain your peace of mind.


parking-grey3. We Talk To The Bailiffs

Stopping intimidating Bailiff action is our speciality. Our dedicated team of Caseworkers have vast experience in mediating with Councils, Courts, Bailiffs and Enforcement agents on behalf of our clients. We can give you advice for different stages of proceedings and even negotiate affordable repayment plans, on your behalf, with Councils and Courts across the UK.


free-advice-orange4. We Can Help You To Negotiate

Everyday we receive calls from hundreds of people who are looking for help with their Bailiff problem. Our specialist team has over 17 years’ experience negotiating and mediating with Bailiffs. No matter what stage the bailiff action is at you’re in safe hands.

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