Golden Rule Three - DON'T Sign Anything

free-advice-blueThis is really important, no matter what a Bailiff threatens don’t be bullied into signing any document they put in front of you. You don’t legally have to sign, so don’t!

In putting your signature on a document a Bailiff gives you, you could be agreeing to something you may later regret. This could create other problems later down the line.

Sticking to the three GOLDEN RULES will make it very hard for Bailiffs to take action against you. However the problem won’t go away. They could still try and pursue you at your home, work, by letter and phone.

This is where can help you. We have worked with thousands of people to stop Bailiff intimidation and set up payment plans they can afford. We liaise with your council or court, as well as the Bailiff, on your behalf. We can usually begin to stop Bailiff action shortly after speaking with you. We have a dedicated team of Caseworkers who are waiting to take your call. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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