#1 - Don't Let Bailiffs or Enforcement Agents In


No matter what threats a Bailiff makes, don’t open a door to them. Most importantly, don’t let them in to your home. If you need to speak to them do it through the letter box or via a phone. If you allow Bailiffs in voluntarily, they can force entry when they revisit your home on another occasion. They will also list valuable goods in your home – also known as a levy. If they carry out a levy of goods, they can take the items listed if you fail to pay an agreed amount within the timeframe they dictate.

It’s important to know that when a Bailiff is refused entry they may often make threats. Most often they say things like “I’m going to break in, unless you open the door now” or “I’m going to get you arrested, unless you open the door”. Many people don’t realise they can’t do this! They can only force entry if they have permission from the court. If they do have the correct permissions, they need a Police Officer and Locksmith present. In the thousands of cases we deal with every month this is extremely rare. Although bailiffs are not allowed to force entry without the necessary permission they are allowed to enter your home through an unlocked door or window.

We always advise the people we help to lock all doors that enter their property and any ground floor windows. This will prevent them access.

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