Frequently Asked Questions

We will help you deal with the Bailiff issues you may be facing – we can usually stop Bailiffs shortly after speaking with you.

Here’s some of the most frequently asked questions

Bailiffs charge at 3 stages: Compliance, Enforcement and Sale. If enforcing Council Tax court or parking fines then these charges apply:

Stage Fee
Compliance £75 per case
Enforcement £235 – This is charged when a Bailiff or Enforcement Agent first visits your property. If you owe over £1,500 an additional 7.5% is added.
Sale £110 – If goods are removed from the home this fee is applied, if the amount of debt is over £1,500 an additional 7.5% will be added

However for High court writs the following apply:

Stage Fee
Compliance – Notifying debtor of their instruction. £75 per case
Enforcement Stage 1 – Chargeable upon first attendance at property £190 plus 7.5% if balance over £1000
Enforcement Stage 2 – Chargeable upon second attendance at property £495
Sale Stage – Sale of goods removed £525 plus 7.5% if balance over £1000

Bailiffs can visit between 6am – 9pm, 7 days a week. However they are required to give you seven days notice.

Bailiffs can take certain goods. The list of items below is not exhaustive though we recommend you seek expert advice on what else is and isn’t included. Only items that are owned, or jointly owned, by the debtor can be seized. If it doesn’t belong to you and it is in your home you will need to prove this to the Bailiff.  Any goods needed for essential daily living or work purposes can’t be removed.

Goods they can take:
Games Consoles
Some items of furniture

Goods they can’t take:
Washing machines
Vehicles with a valid disabled badge
Assistance dogs
Domestic pets
Items used for the care of a person
Goods belonging to a third party
Toys (belonging to a child)
Goods that may also be your home i.e. Houseboat and Caravan

It’s issued by a court and gives councils the right to use Bailiffs to collect the money you owe.

In the first instance you should take your complaint up with the Bailiff company that is enforcing the debt.
If you are not happy with the response you receive from them you can escalate it to CIVEA (Civil Enforcement Association). CIVEA regulate the majority of Bailiff companies in the UK. You can contact them here.

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